Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Locktress

I created this adornment last year when I was conjuring up something new and fresh to adorn dreadlock and braid styles. I was thinking of something that would hang and move just like one of your own dreadlocks or braids. I created both long and short locktresses for the many styles we Sistars create with our natural hair.

The locktress can be fastened at the root of your dreadlock or braid, the middle or on the end for a peekaboo effect or a straight in your face appearance. They also look lovely on updos by allowing them to hang from a bun as seen in the pic below or hanging down from the side for a little glitz and shine.

My locktresses come in an array of different styles from casual to elegant for any occasion.

You can find the locktress at


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