Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Large Bone Dreadlock Beads

A friend who traveled to Kenya brought back a large bag of beautiful bone beads for me. As soon as I looked at them I knew they would be gorgeous on medium to large dreadlocks. The beads have various beautiful batik patterns and carvings and are truly indicative of South Africa.

The holes are large and you can slide one large/thick dreadlock through or feed sever medium locks through for the perfect fit.

Give a nice organic tribal look to your natural crown.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Funky Unique Dreadlock and Twist Jewelry

I started making dreadlock and twist jewelry about two years ago. I had already seen it out there but nothing that I really liked or would wear myself. So I decided to create my own and put my own stank on it if you know what I mean. I wanted to use natural stones, African trade beads, bone, African symbols...etc. I take inspiration from traditional African beads and materials and aspire to create accessories that have a tribal African flair. I also use pearls, crystals, and glass for a more contemporary and elegant look.

You can find my dreadlock /twist jewelry at

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jazz up your Fro

I bought a natural hair tie a while back that was so flimsy that it didn't hold my hair. The elastic was too thin and it eventually broke so I went searching for thicker elastic to make my own unique natural hair ties. I came up with my own interesting styles for this adornment for both myself and my customers.

My hair ties are both ponytail holders and head bands although I do make ponytail holder that can't be used as a hair tie. I also make unisex hair ties that the brothas to tie back their dreadlocks.

I also make natural hair ties with matching earrings for a little bit of added jazz.

I use natural stones, bone beads, glass, acrylic, sea shells etc to create beautifully unique pieces for natural hair styles.

Hair ties are essential for spring and summer to tie your natural hair back from your face and to bring it up off of your neck. I love them--I think you will too.

Hair ties can be purchased at www.afriquelachic.com

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Locktress

I created this adornment last year when I was conjuring up something new and fresh to adorn dreadlock and braid styles. I was thinking of something that would hang and move just like one of your own dreadlocks or braids. I created both long and short locktresses for the many styles we Sistars create with our natural hair.

The locktress can be fastened at the root of your dreadlock or braid, the middle or on the end for a peekaboo effect or a straight in your face appearance. They also look lovely on updos by allowing them to hang from a bun as seen in the pic below or hanging down from the side for a little glitz and shine.

My locktresses come in an array of different styles from casual to elegant for any occasion.

You can find the locktress at www.afriquelachic.com

Last Nights Creations

A customer of mines is traveling soon and wanted a few combs to push her fro back on the sides so I made these beautiful comb sets for her to play with. I wanted to make the combs reflect her surrounding so I went with natural stones and sea shells. I can see her now in a long flowy flower printed skirt and tank top accented by the gorgeous combs in her hair. Boy black is beautiful aint it?

I also created this lovely African waist bead adornment for her. Nice for showing off the belly button with some Afrocentric style.

Similar items can be purchased at

The Art of Natural Hair Adorning

I remember when I used to sew cowry shells into my hair and glue cowries on my headbands. I have always loved adorning my hair with natural elements and a bit if glitz. Being an African women I think it is quite natural as our history show we have always been proud people.

Hand crafting natural hair adornments have become an obsession for me. I want to see every black woman adorning her own organic roots with pride.
Below are a few of my creations for dreadlocks, sisterlocks, individual braids, and twist styles. Most can be warn right through hair washing.

Adornments can be purchased at www.afriquelachic.com